What we do at Waterford Warriors!

Waterford Warriors Snowmobile Club based in Northfield, MN. We have events throughout the year. We'd love to have you join us!

We volunteer to develop, mark and maintain 50+ miles of trails.

  • We divide our trails into several sections, each with Trail Captains, giving our members ample opportunity to volunteer to be part of our trail system.

  • We fund our trail system with an annual grant from the MN DNR administered Grant-in-Aid Program. This grant is funded entirely from snowmobilers through snowmobile registrations, snowmobile trail passes and the Minnesota gas tax collected on fuel used for snowmobiling.

  • Conduct Charitable Gambling at several locations in the area

  • These funds are instrumental in allowing us to purchase and maintain state of the art equipment for trail preparation and grooming.

  • These funds are also used to give back to the community in other ways. We award post-secondary scholarships to local youth, hearing equipment to the local school district and other requests deemed worthy by our Donation Committee.

  • Conduct Snowmobile Safety Training for area youth

  • Conduct two classroom sessions each fall presenting the basic information required for safe snowmobile operation. In addition club members share their insights gained from many years of personal experience on safe snowmobile operation.

  • Conduct a thorough 'Behind the Handlebars' snowmobile driving test on a snow covered course.

  • Typical enrollment has been between 25 and 50 students. Classroom portion is held in early November and riding portion happens as soon as we have adequate snow.

  • Sponsor club trips

  • Sponsor a long weekend club trip to northern Minnesota or Wisconsin. Members usually break up into several riding groups for the day's ride. Members can choose a longer or shorter ride and find a group riding at the pace they want. The trip ends with a banquet where many memories are shared (some to the chagrin of those involved!) with much laughter!

  • Sponsor local club trips when snow conditions permit. We have neighboring snowmobile clubs that also develop and maintain great trails all directions from our location.